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Protein Cookie

These vanilla chocolate chip cookies are oven-baked and contain 15 grams of whey protein. Your usual dry protein cookies, they are not!

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Protein Chocolate

Pocket Rocket chocolate bars are made with 70% cocoa. They’re quite simply a delicious dark chocolate bar with 5 grams of protein.

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Protein Crisps

Pocket Rocket crisps are popped with soya protein which means these crunchy, vegan bad boys contain 13 grams of protein per bag.

About Us

Struggling daily between a love for tasty treats and the need for protein in our diets; Pocket Rocket was born.  

Pocket Rocket snacks provide a protein boost for busy women who just don’t have the time to prep their snacks for the day.  We’re all about convenience for the ever-busy, but we also want to give you and your body the boost it needs to conquer those daily ambitions.  

A stronger you with more time to get s**t done.

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